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It all started when...

A girl went to Dallas to train for a job.  

Well some could argue it started long before that! The founder of High Key Brewing Co., Madeline Conn, was raised in Saskatoon and over the course of her university career and world travels built an appreciation and love for the growing city of Saskatoon. While training for a job in Dallas she was immediately drawn to the culture of the craft beer industry; it spoke to everything she valued.  Community, creativity, collaboration, and damn good beer! 

Her dream quickly started looking like a reality, when through family she met the very talented brewer, Daniel Rommens. He too had passions of his own to become a brewmaster in Saskatoon, producing his recipes on a commercial scale. Daniel had been drawn to craft brewing and began experimenting with small home-brew batches while attending university in California. He soon realized that he wanted to make this hobby a full-time career and moved back to his home-town of Saskatoon to pursue his dream.

Together, they hope to share their passion and love for craft beer with those who call Saskatchewan home.


Meet the beers



Johnny Kolsch - A Kolsch style Ale
ABV: 5.4% // IBU: 18 // Hops: Hallertau and Spalt

Brewed to the traditional standards of Cologne, Germany, this beer has a crisp, clean flavour. Canadian wheat adds a smooth, creamy mouthfeel while German noble hops add a light grassy character and pleasant aroma for the nose. We ferment this beer under Lager-style conditions to achieve the balance of flavors required for this hybrid style beer, including subtle notes of fruit and grainy-sweet malt.

White off the Hop - White IPA 
ABV: 6% // IBU: 45 // Hops: Cascade, Citra, Chinook, Centennial

A Belgian-based beer hopped up like an American West Coast IPA. We use Belgian base malts, Saskatchewan wheat, traditional Belgian spices, fresh ground coriander, and orange peel to create a smooth white beer. We then feature four different hops to create a wonderful citrusy, bitter, aromatic hop characteristic that blends beautifully with the Belgian-base beer.

JOlly Roger Ale - Irish Red Ale
ABV: 6.6% // IBU: 33 // Hops: fuggle and willamette

A light bodied beer with rich caramel, chocolate, and biscuit-like flavours. Roasted American Oak chips are used during the brewing process to create a unique barrel-aged flavor. A traditional Irish-Ale yeast strain complements the sweet malts adding a nutty flavor to the beer. Lastly, we condition the beer with Jamaican Dark Rum to recreate the flavor of an Irish Red Ale aged in Caribbean Oak Rum Barrels.



Freshman Week New England IPA

University is in full swing and sometimes we just need a good beer to get our own creative juices flowing! True to style, this beer is juicy and hazy. The rolled and malted oats give it a velvety body and double milled wheat pushes up the haze factor. We've added four hop varieties late in the boil to soften the bitterness and a substantial dry-hop puts the bomb in juice-bomb.

The Alchemist’s BELGIAN Tripel
ABV: 9.5% // IBU: 35 // Hops: SPALT and Hallertau

Deep gold in colour with a dense creamy head, this seasonal is brewed to the traditional Belgian style while using local ingredients. A house-made Belgian Candi syrup boosts the alcohol content to a whopping 9.5%. This sweetness is balanced with the use of traditional German noble hops. Expect a beer with a light aroma of spice and banana; flavour notes of bubblegum, plum, light cherry and spice.    

PINK ipa with hibiscus
ABV: 6.0% // IBU: 85 // Hops: vic secret

This west coast style IPA was brewed with locally grown Maker’s Malt two-row barley and features the fruity Vic Secret hop.  To elevate the hop in this beer we added it four times during the boil and once as a dry-hop; this heightens the floral aroma and exotic hop character.  We then infused the beer with hibiscus and rose-hips creating a brew with a rich pink colour and lemony-tart, berry-rich flavour notes. 

Toasty Belgian IPA
ABV: 6.0% // IBU: 45 // Hops: Ariana

The perfect brew to step into fall with. This Toasty Belgian IPA is golden amber with sweet-grain malt aromas. An initial flavour note of citrus and spice is followed by a light maltiness with notes of caramel and toast. Just think marmalade toast!

Oktoberfest Marzen
ABV: 5.4% // IBU: 15 //

Our take on a true Marzen, this beer mixes the old with the new. Using 100% Saskatchewan grown and malted barley from Maker’s Malt in our grain bill, we brewed this German Lager at the end of March and cold conditioned it for a full six months before packaging it. Orange copper in colour, slight bready sweetness upfront, and a crisp finish leaves you wanting more. Prost!

Our Brewery

Taproom is open for pints, flights, growler and crowler fills!

1905 Quebec Ave
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W: 2-8pm
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Keg & Equipment Rentals

Need some beer for your next office event, home party or celebration? Here is what you need to know about renting our kegs:


20L keg - $137.50
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50L keg - $300.00

Party Hand Pump - $20.00
Dual Tap Kegerator with CO2 (24 hrs) - $75.00
Dual Tap Kegerator with CO2 (48 hrs) - $100.00

The fine print:

All prices are subject to tax.

Please book at least 7 days in advance to ensure we have the proper keg size/beer available.

Kegs and equipment must be paid for upon pickup. A valid credit card will be placed on file in lieu of a deposit with a signed agreement.

Must have a valid drivers license and be 19 years of age or older. Signer accepts all responsibility for the keg and it’s supplies. The signer will be liable for any minor consumption or over service of alcohol that may ensue.

Damaged or lost property will be charged a damage or replacement fee.


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